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Business mixers, often known as networking events, are fantastic opportunities to connect with other professionals, exchange ideas, and expand your network. However, one common mistake that many attendees make is arriving with the sole purpose of selling their products or services. Instead, the key to successful business mixers is to focus on building meaningful connections and developing referral sources. In this article, we will explore why attending a business mixer with a sales mindset might not be very effective and introduce the concept of viewing the event as a gathering of fishermen, sharing the best fishing spots rather than sharks competing in a pond.

business mixersThe Shark Tank: Sales-Oriented Approach

Imagine a business mixer as a pond filled with sharks, each aggressively trying to sell their offerings to others. This analogy highlights the problem with adopting a sales-oriented approach at networking events. When everyone is focused on selling, it becomes a competitive and uncomfortable environment, where attendees may become guarded, skeptical, or disinterested. The constant barrage of sales pitches and business cards can lead to a lack of genuine engagement and meaningful connections.

The Fishermen’s Gathering: Building Relationships

Now, let’s change the perspective and view a business mixer as a gathering of fishermen who love their craft and wish to share their experiences. Fishermen understand that the best way to find success in their endeavors is not by competing against each other but by collaborating and exchanging information. Instead of trying to sell fish to other fishermen, they discuss the best fishing spots, techniques, and equipment. Similarly, at a business mixer, professionals should approach it with the intention of building relationships and exchanging knowledge rather than engaging in a sales race.

The Referral Source Strategy: Fostering Connections

At a business mixer, your primary goal should be to establish yourself as a valuable referral source. Rather than worrying about what you can sell to others, focus on what you can offer to them in terms of connections and referrals. Think about the services or products that complement your own and that people often inquire about but fall outside your expertise.

For example, let’s consider a tax professional who specializes in individual tax returns. This tax professional might not provide services like bookkeeping or payroll. Therefore, bookkeepers and payroll representatives would make excellent referral sources for them. By identifying such complementary businesses, you can actively seek out professionals in those fields at the mixer, introduce yourself, and express your interest in working together to support each other’s clients.

Finding Your Value: Being a Valuable Referral Source

If you’re unsure about the value you bring to others, think about the services or products that people regularly request from you but are outside your scope. These are the areas where you can become a valuable referral source. By recognizing your strengths and limitations, you position yourself to collaborate with other professionals and establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

The Power of Exchange: Developing Referral Partnerships

Building referral sources and relationships at business mixers can lead to a powerful exchange of business opportunities. When you connect with other professionals, you are tapping into their networks and connections, opening up new possibilities for your own growth. Similarly, when you refer clients to someone, they are more likely to reciprocate by sending clients your way when the need arises. This symbiotic relationship can be highly advantageous for everyone involved.


Approaching a business mixer as a salesperson in a pond full of sharks might yield limited results and hinder the potential for meaningful connections. Instead, embrace the mindset of a collaborative fisherman, seeking to share knowledge and build relationships. Identify your strengths and the services you don’t provide to become a valuable referral source to others. By nurturing these referral partnerships, you can create a network of professionals supporting each other’s businesses and paving the way for mutual growth and success. So, the next time you attend a business mixer, leave the sales pitch at home and focus on fostering genuine connections and becoming a trusted referral source.

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