Referrals make a great impact on any business, and following these steps, give you an edge in providing quality referrals.

First, listening actively to identify a need shows the individual that you care about their situation.

Second, letting them know that you know someone who can help also shows that you have a network of professionals and can be trusted.

Third, if you have experience with the member or their services, give a personal testimonial to add credibility.

Next, giving out the member’s information or business card is crucial in closing the loop. Without providing contact information, your referral might not turn into business for the member you’ve referred.

Finally, asking the individual when it would be a good time to call the member ensures that the member is contacted and the individual’s needs are taken care of.

It’s also important to have an idea of what makes a good referral, like the examples provided, with a detailed description of their needs or services desired. Testimonials establish credibility and make an impact on the referred member’s reputation, so making them specific and unbiased helps the individual make a decision.

To further boost testimonials, try offering your services for free to members. By doing so, it can encourage more members to have first-person experiences and testimonials, thus improving the quality of your referrals. By following these steps, you can ensure the referrals you make will have a positive impact on both sides – the one who referred and the business that gained a new opportunity.

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